Podcasts Featuring IT CAME FROM Creator David Weiner

I love to talk, and so naturally I love the podcast format, which provides a casual, fun, and freeform way to share all the things I dig about genre pop culture. Below, please find a one-stop shop for the various podcasts I’ve either hosted or guested on. Enjoy!




Hosted by David Weiner (episodes 1-13): The official podcast for Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Living up to the classic and nostalgic roots of Forrest J Ackerman’s iconic magazine while staying current and ahead of the curve, every episode features entertaining genre pop-culture conversations and interviews with top artists, stars, and filmmakers. Horror. Sci-Fi. Fantasy. Fun!




Hosted by Caroline Stephenson: In a galaxy far, far away… There was a group of nerds with tons of semi-useful knowledge covering comics books, video games, movies, cosplay and everything in between. With their powers combined, they formed a league — a fellowship if you will — determined to discuss only the dorkiest of topics. These are their stories, discussing the latest and greatest in Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy while paying homage to the classics.



December 2017: THE LAST JEDI

Hosted by R.M. Martin: We’re here again with returning stalwarts of the show David Weiner (It Came From Blog) and Martin Adil-Smith (The Spirals of Danu). Today we discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi in its entirety. Did we enjoy it? Is it a worthy contender for the 40-year celebrations? You’ll have to listen and find out.

November 2017: JUSTICE LEAGUE

Hosted by R.M. Martin: Join Richard and returning guests David Weiner (It Came From Blog) and Martin Adil-Smith (The Spirals of Danu) as we discuss whether Justice League saw injustice at the box office, will we side with the Metahumans or the Metacrictics?Listen to find out!

October 2017: BLADE RUNNER 2049

Hosted by R.M. Martin: Join Richard and returning guests David Weiner (It Came From Blog) and Martin Adil-Smith (The Spirals of Danu) as we discuss whether Blade Runner 2049 can replicate the magic and noir charm of Ridley Scott’s 1982 original. This episode features new music from Werewolves in Siberia. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.




ROBOTS Episode: https://plaidstallions.blogspot.ca/2016/02/pod-stallions-41-robots.html

Hosted by Brian Heiler & Jason Lenzi: For our 41st episode, we’re joined by Famous Monsters of Filmland Editor David Weiner for a discussion of all things robotic. We each pick and discuss our favorite and least favorite mechanical men from film and television over the decades. Along the way, we talk about toys, comics, and even radio drama. We open the show with some words about the passing of David Bowie. Topics Discussed: THE BLACK HOLE, DOCTOR WHO, THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, LOST IN SPACE, BUCK ROGERS, LOGAN’S RUN, SPACE ACADEMY and more.

THE BLACK HOLE episode: https://plaidstallions.blogspot.ca/2017/05/pod-stallions-53-black-hole.html

Hosted by Brian Heiler & Jason Lenzi: For our 53rd show, we are joined once again by former Famous Monsters editor and current host of “It Came From Blog” Mr. David Weiner for a rousing two-hour discussion on Walt Disney’s 1979 Science Fiction opus THE BLACK HOLE: Its origins and somewhat discordant tone, the interesting cast, what the ending might mean, the multitude of merchandise, its trailer, comic book sequels, and the attempted remake. We also touch on subjects like STAR WARS, Shreddies cereal (blech), SALVAGE ONE, Starlog magazine and BUCK ROGERS. It’s jam-packed with late ’70S science-fiction goodness.



THE ISLAND OF WISHLIST TOYS: http://monsterpartypodcast.libsyn.com/the-island-of-wishlist-toys-with-david-weiner

Hosted by James Gonis, Shawn Sheridan, Larry Strothe & Matt Weinhold: The guys put on their brainiac thinking caps to come up with their perfect dream toys! Prepare to take an inebriated excursion to… THE ISLAND OF WISHLIST TOYS!!! Joining us for this pie-eyed play date is returning guest and Monster Party patron saint, writer/producer/director/toy imagineer DAVID WEINER! (ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, IT CAME FROM…)

SCI-FI & HORROR GAME-CHANGERS: http://monsterpartypodcast.libsyn.com/horror-sci-fi-game-changers

Hosted by James Gonis, Shawn Sheridan, Larry Strothe & Matt Weinhold: The guys discuss those groundbreakers of the genres — HORROR & SCI-FI GAME CHANGERS! — with the executive editor of their other favorite horror magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland, David Weiner! Expect a spirited conversation covering everything from sound, color, make-up, stop-motion animation, CGI, and gore to an impassioned debate over Uncle Gilbert from THE MUNSTERS!



INTERVIEW – June 15, 2017: https://soundcloud.com/thefearmerchant/e015-david-weiner

Hosted by R.M. Martin: Joining me today I have David Weiner; a veteran writer and editor whose career spans more than 25 years. He has written for ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT for 13 of those years and he is also the last editor of the popular magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. His new endeavour; It Came From Blog is an entertaining snapshot into what David consumes and enjoys himself. Over the years David has interviewed many people, we got to talk about some of his favourite moments from throughout his career and geeked a little bit too hard over STAR WARS as we had just seen the 40th anniversary of the original theatrical release. There are lots of fun nuggets and industry insight which I won’t spoil, so get comfortable as this is the most jam-packed interview yet.



THE FORCE AWAKENS HYPE: http://www.rebelforceradio.com/shows/2016/2/10/rebel-force-radio-december-11-2015

Hosted by Jimmy Mac & Jason Swank: The STAR WARS – THE FORCE AWAKENS cast and crew met with the media at a special event in L.A. and our microphones were there! Hear from J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Jon Boyega, Kathleen Kennedy, Oscar Isaac and more. Plus, we go In The Cantina with David Weiner, the executive editor of Famous Monsters, who gives us the lowdown regarding their STAR WARS Spectacular, including his interview with Mark Hamill and discussion about all the famous monsters in the STAR WARS universe.

THE FORCE AWAKENS RECAP – December 25, 2015: http://www.rebelforceradio.com/shows/2015/12/25/rebel-force-radio-tfa-review-show-3

Hosted by Jimmy Mac & Jason Swank: After one week in release, THE FORCE AWAKENS continues to pack theaters and generate amazing conversation. The vibe continues here at RFR as we present our latest review show. From the humor to the drama of the film, we cover it all. … And Famous Monsters magazine executive editor David Weiner stops by to provide his critical take on EPISODE VII.



INTERVIEW –  Fall 2015: http://www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/sushipodcast/2015/08/the-wayne-gale-variety-hour-ep-104-famous-monsters-of-filmland-with-fmofs-managing-editor-david-weiner/

Hosted by Danno Klonowski: Danno is thrilled to be joined by a longtime Hollywood journalist and pop culture geek who is now the new Managing Editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine — David Weiner! Danno and David discuss how his love of FM as a kid has — through hard work, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, the STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS junket, and JJ Abrams — led him to where he is today.  We discuss FM’s founder Forrest J Ackerman, the history of the magazine, where he’s taking it, and much, much more. Then, David has his knowledge of terrible horror sequels tested in the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR MOVIE GAME!!! And finally, Danno and David discuss his personal experience with the Amityville house, his time at Full Moon Entertainment in the ’90s, meeting his hero Mel Brooks, his love of TIKI, and more!



TREMORS: http://humanechoes.com/hep-177-famous-monsters-of-filmland-interview-and-tremors-movie-review/

Hosted by Tony Southcotte & Albert Berg: Editor David Weiner sits down with Al and Tony to talk about the history of genre fiction in popular culture and Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Then they review the ’90s classic horror-comedy western, TREMORS!



December 17, 2015: http://thegeekspeakshow.libsyn.com/645-the-state-of-the-franchises

Hosted by Henry San Miguel: With hours to go before THE FORCE AWAKENS is released around the world, Henry & Angel welcome some guests to discuss the state of the STAR WARS and STAR TREK franchises. David Weiner (Executive Editor, Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine) kicks off the discussion by referencing his exclusive THE FORCE AWAKENS interview with Mark Hamill and giving his thoughts on the STAR WARS franchise and where STAR TREK is going with movie number three of its reboot…

January 14, 2016: http://thegeekspeakshow.libsyn.com/71-the-geeks-guide-to-2016

Hosted by Henry San Miguel: The seventh season of The Geek Speak Show kicks off! Henry goes over movie release dates and return dates for TV shows before bringing in David Weiner from Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine to talk about what he and FM are looking forward to in 2016. David also gives all the info on the Famous Monsters’ Silver Scream Festival in Santa Rosa.

March 2, 2016: http://thegeekspeakshow.libsyn.com/712-the-silver-scream-festival

Hosted by Henry San Miguel: Henry kicks off the episode by going over all the events the show will be covering this month and some details about THE CONJURING 2. Then, David Weiner (Executive Editor, Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine) checks in to talk about FM’s Silver Scream Festival happening this weekend in Santa Rosa.

April 24, 2016: http://thegeekspeakshow.libsyn.com/724-alien-day-426a-few-days-early

Hosted by Henry San Miguel: The Geek Speak Show kicks off the #AlienDay426 celebration with an ALIEN-themed episode! First, Henry, Helen, and Brenden give out the details on a special screening for Geek Speak listeners. Then, Famous Monsters of Filmland‘s Executive Editor, David Weiner, calls in to start the Alien Day episode…

Harryhausen 100.jpg


November 24, 2016: https://soundcloud.com/rayharryhausenfoundation/forry-centenary

Hosted by John Walsh & Connor Heaney: November 24, 2016, marks the 100th birthday of Sci-Fi legend Forrest J Ackerman, founder of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Forry was also one of Ray Harryhausen’s oldest friends, the two having met in the late 1930’s after discovering a shared interest in KING KONG. We catch up with former Famous Monsters editor David Weiner to discuss the friendship between Ray, Forry, and Ray Bradbury and hear a clip of the three legends in discussion.


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