‘Twin Peaks’ Through an Eerie Black-and-White Lens

You may have figured out by now that I’m a tad obsessed with TWIN PEAKS. I’m very excited to see it return to Showtime more than 25 years after the ABC phenomenon was cancelled. Its return is an improbable event, foretold like a Nostrodamus prediction in the narrative of the show itself. And whether or not Season 3 is an accessible success — or goes over the top and off the rails in equally predictable Lynchian fashion — I’m happy to be around to see it happen.07f6db69cc483e46be3aa414ab0ea67c.jpg

I’ve always been especially mesmerized by the black-and-white, behind-the-scenes shots of the cast and crew taken by cast member Richard Beymer, who played the crafty Benjamin Horne. Lynch encouraged Beymer to document the last few days of filming the show after it had been canceled and the regular set photographer had departed the production.

The still-photograph results — a priceless lot of black-and-white images exposed by Beymer’s Olympus camera — reveal an unseen side of the people and the project. The chemistry of the cast and crew, alongside some trippy sets and creative castings of actors giant and diminutive, come through with a certain intimacy and magnitude that a non-cast member likely could not have captured.

I especially enjoy the close-up images of select actors — Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Frank Silva, and especially Michael J. Anderson, aka “The Man From Another Place” — wearing opaque contact lenses over their eyes. Seriously spooky stuff.

Enjoy these amazing shots as we all enjoy the triumphant return of TWIN PEAKS for its third season starting Sunday, May 21 on Showtime.

For more TWIN PEAKS, read my take on working with select stars of the show on indie flicks in the ’90s HERE — plus watch those infamous, kooky TWIN PEAKS Japanese coffee commercials HERE.


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